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Change Your Glasses Like You Change Your Shoes

Change Your Glasses Like You Change Your Shoes

Even if you don’t have the designer budget for eyewear you can change your frames as often as the mood suits you thank to EyeBuyDirect.com. With more than 1,000 on-trend frames to choose from at the most affordable price, the styling possiblities are endless.

But it’s not just about the look, its about protecting your eyes too, even without a prescription. In the ever digital world, we spend increasingly more time interfacing with digital screens. Eye Buy Direct is bringing techy back this holiday season with its new Eyezen digital protection lenses. I’ve been trying out the Eyezen digital protection lens and I’m obsessed. As an editor, blogger and social media junkie and Netflix conussiour I spend so much time infront screens!  for both work and playWhat’s so great that the Eyezen lens is available with or without a prescription, you just add it to your favorite frames during checkout.

Eyezen lenses feature unique blue light filtering technology to shield eyes from the negative effects from digital screens. Almost all digital screens emit blue-violet, high energy visible (HEV) light from backlit screens, which can be damaging to our eyes. Eyezen effectively filters the blue light to reduce eye strain, eye fatigue, prevent headaches and even help improve sleep. The perfect gift for your tech-obsessed friend or family member.

I tried three of eye buy directs lenses. First the Gigi Hadid Paris Fashion week look-a-like’s. Which I totally dig.



These clear frames below are equipeted with Eyezen blue lens technology which protects mys eyes from the damaging lights off digital screens.



I’ve been on the hunt for rectangular clear frames. I love a clean look and these frames almost, almost, disappear on my face.