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Rock Sheer Outfits with the Help of Commando

Rock Sheer Outfits with the Help of Commando

One of the red carpet’s most sought after fashion statements these days is the super sheer look. While some celebs look as if they’re literally wearing nothing under their peek-a-boo dresses, others choose undergarments that stand out just enough without taking away from the overall look. And while they may look like typical boy shorts, high-waisted panties, slips or bras, we’re here to tell you they’re not. Nope, these stars are going commando.

No, not that kind of commando! Rather, commando the brand. Known for its tagline of “better than nothing”, commando is the industry leader in raw-cut technology and has an innovative elastic free design. Kerry O’Brien, the founder and designer, only uses the finest luxury technical fabrics sourced from Europe and aims to produce products that make women feel confident.

While the pieces commando offers may seem similar to other shapewear companies, commando stands apart for their seamless design, super comfortable feel, and overall chic appearance. Also, while other companies are meant to be covered up, commando is meant to confidently stand out if the opportunity should arise.

Just see for yourselves!

Gigi Hadid


Kate Hudson


Jennifer Lopez


As gorgeous as these women are in their commando-adorned outfits, the brand has so much more to offer than just underwear. From hip hosiery designed for every occasion (and outfit) and slips, to seamless thongs and bodysuits, commando has something for everyone. And now, with the addition of their commando-gram collection, they’re easily giftable too!

commando commando

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