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Best in Grooming: Perry Ellis 18 Cologne

Best in Grooming: Perry Ellis 18 Cologne

If there’s one thing any man should master in his grooming routine, it’s finding the perfect cologne to complement his personal brand. Since cologne has the power to create a lasting impression on anyone you come in contact with, it’s essential to find a scent that is neither overpowering, nor dull.

So, in an effort to help you get the girl, the job, or even just a smile on the street to perk up your day, allow us to introduce you to Perry Ellis 18, a cologne that will certainly hold its own among your other grooming products. Not only does it have a noticeable appeal directly out of the bottle, but once it comes in contact with your skin, natural body fragrance and pheromones, before you know it, this fragrance will become distinctly you.

Perry Ellis 18 is the Must-Have Cologne You’ve Been Looking For

Perry Ellis 18 Cologne

Photo courtesy of Perry Ellis

This imported fragrance has an array of notes that work wonderfully in just about any situation. In the market to simply smell fresh? Or perhaps you’re looking for that extra allure? Perry Ellis 18, with watery marine notes paired with the bright citrus of Bergamot, will offer up the perfect first impression. The more you linger with the scent you will catch hints of Jasmine and Geranium, as well as an array of woody scents ranging from White Birch to Sandalwood, which together make for a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind fragrance that’s ideal for all occasions, day or night.

Just remember, it’s cologne though, not a bath. So even though this particular scent smells amazing, avoid overkill by sticking to one or two spritzes on your pulse points; think: wrists and the base of your neck. If you feel the need to dab at the initial wet spot of fragrance, go right ahead, just be sure not to rub your wrists together because that will break down the fragrance molecules and cause the scent to fade faster.

Happy Grooming!