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Libertine NYFW Beauty Looks are Too Cool For School

Libertine NYFW Beauty Looks are Too Cool For School

Artistic cosmetic and skincare brand Too Cool For School led by Katie Jane Hughes was the beauty brains behind Libertine SS17 collection this season at NYFW.

The makeup look channeled a 1970’s punk rock London girl, which preftecly embodies Libertine’s punk girl motto “We Hate Everything”. The Libertine girl is naturally beautiful, but loves the boldness of a black graphic eye.

We have all the details so you can get this NYFW runway look yourself.



too-cool-for-school-libertine-ss17-4 too-cool-for-school-libertine-ss17-5




·         Start by prepping the skin with Egg Mellow Cream.

·         Add a touch of the Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Concealer under the eyes as needed and follow by brushing on the Dinoplatz Loose and Silly Powder in Definition.



·         Apply the Dinoplatz Highline Eyeliner in Black Rock to the back of the hand and mix with a drop of aqua seal to liquefy the formula and give a softened, smudged look.

·         Using a fine eyeliner brush and starting along the bottom lash line, draw the liner out toward the hair line at a severe angle to create a dramatic cat eye, stopping just shy of the brow.

·         Gradually work the liner back in toward the middle of the eye on the upper lash line and stop there.

·         Then, use the eyeliner pencil to apply the Dinoplatz Highline Eyeliner along the inner corners of the eye and the waterline.

·         Using a brush, apply the Glam Rock Urban Shadow in Devil Blue over the liner on the upper and over lower lash line in line with the pupil, toward the center of the eye only. This gives the effect of the moon light hitting the ocean.

·         Throw on lashings of Glam Rock Volume Thriller Mascara to the upper and lower lashes to open up the eyes.



·         Mix the nude and peach shades of Glam Rock Vampire’s Kiss Lipstick together on the back of your hand and press onto the lips using the ring finger, to simply dull the natural lip. Depending on your coloring, add more of the nude shade for a paler complexion and peach for a warmer coloring.



Groom brows by brushing on Glam Rock Urban Brown in Natural Brown.


·         Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Highline Eyeliner                                            $22 – Sephora

·         Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Loose and Silly Powder in Definition      $36 – Sephora

·         Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Concealer                          $39 – Sephora

·         Too Cool For School Glam Rock Volume Thriller Mascara                          $30 – Sephora

·         Too Cool For School Glam Rock Vampire’s Kiss Lipstick                               $18

·         Too Cool For School Glam Rock Urban Brow                                                   $18– Sephora

·         Too Cool For School Glam Rock Urban Shadow                                             N/A

·         Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Cream                                                            $36 – Sephora