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Techie Beauty with BlendSmart

Techie Beauty with BlendSmart

BlendSMART kicks your regular foundation brushes to the curb and makes life a whole lot more flawless! Perfectly calibrated rotating brush heads blend your foundation, bb creams, concealer and more for an even, professional and natural look.

We’ve been using the blendSMART starter kit, $69 retail, for one month and just can’t go back to the old days. Seriously, this smart brush totally spoils you by taking all the work out of blending in your make-up. It works with every type of foundation, concealer, and powder and actually delivers better coverage using less product. Making those pricier foundations last a little longer.  Yours truly has been using the BlendSMART starter kit to apply Armani Maestro Glow and it works like a dream!



Photographer: Julie Soefer


And did we mention how it pairs down your brushes?! All you need is one handle and the interchangeable brush heads for applying flawless foundation, blush, bronzers, and more! Check out the video below to see this smart brush in action!

Grab your set now at blendSMART