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How To Buy Diamonds Online with Brian Gavin

How To Buy Diamonds Online with Brian Gavin

If you already love online shopping, like I do, what could be better than buying diamonds online? With more time to research your purchases and less salesperson pressure, it’s no surprise that many brands sell more diamonds, engagement rings and custom pieces online than in store even with the higher price point. We talked to Brian Gavin of Brian Gavin Diamonds to get the scoop on how to come out on the winning end of an online diamond purchase.

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Nidhi Mohan: What are the guidelines to buying diamonds online?

Brian Gavin: Research and understand qualities of a diamond, such as super ideal proportions and what can affect your diamond’s maximum light return and sparkle factor. Diamond blogs, diamond education portals, and online tutorials are great resources to help you know what to look for. When comparing diamond brands, do your research and look at the details each diamond vendor provides. The most trusted vendors give diamond grading details for every diamond, which are complete with light performance images, high-resolution videos, and images that show the diamond’s degree of optical symmetry and estimate the volume of light return and sparkle factor. Also, buy diamonds that are specifically made for the company’s brand and hold its standards. The brands who make a promise to personally select, inspect and report their diamonds can ensure each product delivers the brand’s promise. Also lastly, look to the digital customer service features as a direct resource for your questions. Take advantage of the live chat features, contact forms and customer helplines. 6014S-2



 NM : Why are people buying a luxury item like a diamond online?
BG: Shopping online allows customers to feel like they can make an educated decision on their diamond without the direct pressure of the salesforce. People who shop online can feel comfortable in their research and know first-hand that they are going to buy a diamond that will sparkle and perform. Diamond e-retailers must have a high level of transparency and provide even more detail than the information you may receive in the store.
NM : How long would it take Brian Gavin to create a custom piece?
BG: Most custom designs run a min of 4-6 weeks from start to finish, and most of this is time allotted to help the customer find a piece that will make them happy.
NM : What makes Brian Gavin different than the online retailers?
BG: Product differentiation is the most notable difference between our brand and others. Other companies cannot provide consistency in the variety and range of products that Brian Gavin Diamonds offers. Secondly, the years of experience and expertise from five generations of diamond cutting has built Brian Gavin Diamonds a strong stature and a great track record of our products and services.
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NM : What is your most popular product?

BG: We specialize in diamond engagement rings. In the past 12 months – besides for Custom Engagement Rings and Custom Wedding Bands- our top 5 most popular catalog products are: Classic Martini Earrings, Four Prong Solitaire, Tapered Classic Style Half Round Solitaire, Six Prong Solitaire, Classic Style Half Round Solitaire. As for diamonds, our Signature Round Hearts and Arrows is our top seller.

 NM : How do you appeal to an international market?
BG: We provide transparent information, which is more than they will get from any store that they walk into. Also, we have much higher cut quality diamonds available than most foreign markets. People look to BGD for their impeccable reputation – great transparency, a high track record of customer success and stunning quality of work.


 About Brian Gavin Diamonds:
Brian Gavin Diamonds is an international e-retailer specializing in precision-cut diamonds and custom jewelry creations. Their products are featured in international wedding blogs and magazines and range from custom cufflinks and gemstone cocktail rings to custom engagement rings and wedding bands, which are their biggest sellers. Brian Gavin is a fifth-generation diamond cutter from South Africa whose company specializes in creating custom jewelry that combines old world knowledge with new age technology.