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New York Men’s Day 2016 Day 2 Recap

New York Men’s Day 2016 Day 2 Recap


Where: Clarkson Skylight North at 572 Washington Street, New York, NY 10014

Writer: Bronte Laurent

Honduran menswear designer, Carlos Campos, stuck to his tailored roots this season. He recently returned to his tailored roots in fall 2015 after his centered around athletic inspired collection previous seasons. His line consisted of mostly overcoats, cut suits, trench coats, and ponchos. Each piece had a modern mid-west masculine feel that consisted of fringe, suede, and leather. Most of his pieces were solid colors such as beige, tan, royal/navy blue, and pure white while also contrasting patterns that mixed in well. The designer included sharp patterns for his collections modern look. While many fans favor his blue concept from previous shows, a monochromatic, bold look was definitely given this season. I appreciate his choice of models and eccentric feel through out the runway show.

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Writer: Bronte Laurent

Luxury menswear designer, Brett Johnson, displayed an earthy platform for his presentation. While his models stood on a tree stump surrounded by grass it was the large volumes that grabbed our attention. He introduced new elements this season that included large hats, scarves, leather jackets, and boots. He focused on earthy tones and neutral colors with each price this season. His incorporation of stripes and scarves set the tone for a modern day Native American feel. Juxtaposition was definitely the concept behind Brett’s fall collection.

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Where: Zachary Prell Studio at 26 Mercer Street, New York, NY

Writer: Bronte Laurent

Men’s sportswear designer, Zachary Prell, presents a line every man can relate to. His collection gives a masculine business casual look for men.The designer explored essential pieces that can be incorporated in a man’s everyday look. Each piece had neutral colors that he layered with — maroon, navy blue, and olive green. Prell also included an abundant amount of denim. Most viewers can agree that his contemporary clothing displayed luxe detail overall in this presentation.

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