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What to Blow Your Powerball Winnings On

What to Blow Your Powerball Winnings On

Everybody, and I mean errrrbody has tickets for tonights Powerball. From Kim K to my building’s concierge staff is hoping to strike it rich or richer. Now, I’m not a “lucky” person in terms of winning prizes or lottery winnings, I’ve rarely won at charity drawings, raffles and the like. But what I’m very good at is spending. So if my lotto ticket, or yours, is hot tonight here’s how I would do it up:

  1. The Birkin. Starting at around $11,000 I could throw down cash on that baby blue croc. It’s an investment piece, really.



2. The Lamborghini Aventador.  

I can’t decide between white or gold, so I’d probably get both. Base price: $510,000. #firstworldlottowinningproblems



3. Chess Set: Charles Hollander

 A diamond incrusted chess set. At $600,000 it boasts 320 carats of black and white diamonds only seven of these luxury chess sets have ever been created.


4. Gold Donut:

At a measly $100 dollars a pop we’ll be eating like kings everyday!


5. The Houston Texans! 

Why? Well, 1. it’s a great investment and 2. J.J Watt.


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6. Oh yea! Shoes: #shoeloveistruelove



What would you splurge on?