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Thync About It

Thync About It

Thync is a new piece of wearable tech that is small enough to be comfortable yet strong enough to keep your mood right where you want it. Think of it as a “Mood Accessory.” Thync uses low-energy waveforms to, safely and comfortably, signal nerves on your head and face. Calm Vibe helps you to unwind , settle down or sleep while Energy Vibe helps you to focus or to boost workouts working in synergy with the mind and body to change the way you feel. Unit $199 Available at thync.com

Our Editor in Chief Luis Ayalo sat down with Isy Goldwasser, CEO and Founder of Thync for our online exclusive.

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How did Thync begin?

Thync began with one question, how do we unlock potential from the inside and use technology to engage your own body to respond the way you want on demand. When Jamie Tyler and I two curious scientists collaborated on this project it began with two years of pure research to create the first effects of the energy and calm vibes. Then another two years to develop the wearable product, we worked through a thousand vibes to settle on the first set of vibes you can use. We are doing something said to be impossible and opening up an exciting frontier.

How noticeable are the effects of the Thync vibes?

The more you use the Thync the more noticeable the effects are. This is not a hammer or an extreme drug that you take it and go over the top and have hours and hours of whatever journey you are on, this is much more like a strong cup of coffee to get you going or an end of the day drink to calm you down. It is really about how you shift and drop into the zone you want to be in.

How do you get the most out of your Vibes?

Try different vibes in various settings and make sure you find your “sweet spot” and you will begin to understand where you need it in your life that is really the key.

What Vibes do your customers use the most?

Many of our users use the calm vibe at night to destress, unwind, and really get ready for a good night’s rest, recovery and how you rest really matters. During the day, the energy vibe is like a cup of coffee or a push to work out more.

What have been some concerns people have had about the Thync?

As a research company that is scientifically oriented, we did quite a bit of research and various safety studies, our basic approach has been used in neuroscience for decades. Safety is important to us we have published our work and that has been part of our success, transparent about the science behind Thync. We approached the FDA and received an exemption because we are using a low risk method and applying it to lifestyle use and not to solve, cure, or treat any kind of disease. One key thing people learn is that the device is not doing anything to your brain directly. The electrical pulses are activating specific nerves under your skin that are in your head and neck so there is nothing happening to your brain its pure nerve activation. Those combinations of nerves when signaled a certain way are triggering your body to respond with that relaxation or stimulation of your body. No magic here, just well developed neuroscience.

What is your favorite vibe?

You are the first person to ask me that, I would say the workout vibe; it is the smoothest for me.

Will we see the Thync in any other colors?

We definitely want to explore new colors when the time is right, but for now we just want to help you find your perfect vibe.