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Get Spring Fresh Skin in Winter with Lisa Franklin

Get Spring Fresh Skin in Winter with Lisa Franklin

“I believe anyone can achieve beautiful, healthy and luminescent skin”. This is the driving mantra behind London’s best kept secret, skincare expert and facialist Lisa Franklin. What sets her apart is that her treatments are not generic but are centred around individual skin needs. With 15 years experience in the skincare and makeup industry, Lisa tailor makes luxury treatments for her diverse clientele at her clinic the Lisa Franklin Clinic that spans a wide range of age groups and ethnicities.

Lisa recently launched the first product from her much anticipated self-titled line, Lisa Franklin Pro-Effec Luminiscent Base that will change how you wear make-up. We caught with Lisa chatting everything skin related from how to get Spring fresh skin in Winter to prepping for a big event.


1. What are the 3 (or more) key steps to getting spring fresh skin in winter? 

The combination of seasonal weather and indoor environments can make our complexions look dull and gray. Fine lines begin to appear more defined and pronounced. The answer is to have regular maintenance facials tailored to your current skin condition. Adapt your skincare regimen , and if required take the necessary advice to ensure the products you use achieve the maximum protection against the winter weather. Wash twice daily with a cosmeceutical cleanser and look out for products containing Vitamin C, this will help to boost the skins defence against the environmental stress. And finally embrace good nutrition and exercise, this will help feed your skin from within and promote good skin health.   
2. What is your daily skincare regimen and what products can you not live without?
My morning routine involves a thorough cleanse, followed by good moisturisation and the application of cosmeceutical facial Primer. There are two products I cannot live without firstly A Gommage – which is a type of exfoliator that with regular use ensures dead skin cells are removed and skin is plumped with extra hydration. secondly I cannot live without a cosmeceutical facial primer. This creates a light film on the skin and a protective barrier from the elements, it’s an understated product because there are so many poor examples in the market, but a good high quality facial primer can be used with or without makeup and is a key step to flawless skin.
3. What are your suggestion for prepping the skin before a big event, from 1 week out right up to the night before or day of?
A week before the event I suggest a thorough analysis and skin clean, follow this by a series of treatments tailored to your skin condition. I would recommend oxygen facials, even on the day of the event, this will leave fine lines and wrinkles less visible and the skin feeling fresh and clean. Always get a good night’s Sleep before because this will maintain your fresh and radiant complexion. On the day of the event use a Gommage exfoliator layered onto clean dry skin for a prolonged period which will plump and even out the tone of your skin. The next step is to moisturise, try using a product that includes hyaluronic acid, avocado and grape seed oils to regenerate and restructure the skin. And finally lock in the whole routine with a facial primer before applying your evening makeup.
4. What are Lisa Franklin Clinic’s most popular treatments? What do clients come in wanting the most, what do they come back for the most?
My treatments are all bespoke. I tailor the treatments according to the clients skin condition at each appointment. Clients want radiant youthful skin without invasive techniques. Treatments including oxygen infusion are very popular, this non invasive technique includes the best serums for outstanding results.
5. The beauty industry is getting very tech savvy. How do you employ technological advancements at your clinic?
There is a lot of advances and choice out there, some are good but others not so, and seem more of a gimmick. I stand by tried and tested methods that achieve results without downtime or invasive procedures. And I much prefer advances in product ingredients that harmonise with the techniques I use.
6. We are excited about the launch of the Pro-Effect Luminescent Base. Love the idea of no makeup-make-up. How did this creative idea come about?
I always had a vision of a product that would bridge the gap between skincare and makeup, allowing radiance to shine through, protect the skin and create a perfect base for makeup. It was very important to me to use the latest advances in science and for the product to be manufactured in the UK, which is something I am passionate about. Many of the so called ‘Primer’ products in the market today fail to deliver the complete result, leaving many of us to neglect this important step in ones skincare regime, and this was something I wanted to change and promote the benefits.
The Pro Effect Luminescent Base blends Photo Luminescent Diamond powders that convert invisible UV light to blue light to restore the glow of younger looking skin and instant remodeling extracts to visibly smooth the skin surface.
                               Pro-Effect Luminescent Base