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Golden Globes 2016 DPA Luxe Gifting Suite

Golden Globes 2016 DPA Luxe Gifting Suite [huge_it_gallery id=”29″]

Earlier this month it was my pleasure to attend Dubois Pelin and Associates’s twelfth annual Pre Awards  luxury gifting lounge. Hosted by Nathalie Dubois-Sissoko and DPA the event took place in the penthouse of hidden boutique hotel Luxe Rodeo Drive hotel. It is a place for celebrities, nominees, presenters and press to preview a selection and take home amazing new products from emerging and established.

Nathalie Dubois Sissoko travels miles to find the best of the best. This year some of the highlights were: worldwide fashion designers Miriam Reikerstorfer (Netherland), NY based gorgeous couture jewelry company Arido, Marchon Eyewear (with some new hot sunglasses), Texas Custom made designer M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection (a plus for the men guests), very chic Alabama fashion designer Demure 31, exquisite jewelry designers Caroline Néron and Stephanie Kantis.

Upon arriving at penthouse suite we were greeted by the chic and hospitable Nathalie Dubois-Sissoko. With no time to lose we were paired with a Luxe suite assistant to help carry all the free goodies, and believe me the goodies were flowing. Photos were snapped as we visited as many brands as time would allow. From Canadian fudge makers (who ship internationally) to Texas based luxury shoe designer   the DPA Luxe Suite is chock full of brands you want to keep an eye on.

Photos by Marco Lezberg Photography