WILL WOLFE – SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Talented artist Will Wolfe is making a name for himself out of Oakland, California. Writing, playing, recording and producing everything himself, Will had an incredibly productive 2019. Releasing singles every few weeks throughout the year… View Post


WISSAM HILAL – FEELING THE HARMONY Instagram: www.instagram.com/wissamhilal  Universal Music MENA artist Wissam Hilal was born in Syria and when the civil war broke out, he escaped to Dubai to pursue his dreams in music and he just released his new single This Feeling… View Post

Ariel Rose, “Somebody Loves You”

Ariel Rose, “Somebody Loves You” No surprise to anyone that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on the mental well-being of people all around the world. Musician Ariel Rose transformed her gloom into inspiration for her latest single,… View Post

Ella Issacson, Expectations

Ella Issacson, Expectations Ella Issacson recently released a new single, Expectations with Gallant. Lapalme Magazine was able to sit down and discuss her start in music and what keeps her motivated. Where are you from, and how would… View Post

Our Love Is Beautiful, Ethan Gold

Our Love Is Beautiful, Ethan Gold Ethan Gold dreams of music. Yes, I literally mean music comes to him in a dream. That’s not the only unique thing about Ethan. His approach to music is like no other. Ethan was born… View Post

Haley Reinhart: Piece of My Heart

Haley Reinhart: Piece of My Heart American singer/songwriter Haley Reinhart garnered our attention after rising to fame after placing third in the tenth season of American Idol. Haley’s debut album Listen Up! was released on May 22, 2012, catapulting Haley to… View Post

Super bloom, Tara Beier

Super bloom, Tara Beier Born in Vancouver, Canada, Tara Beier was immersed in music and creativity since a young child. Tara began playing classical piano at five years old and continued to play for 13 years. Now, Tara has… View Post

Travis Demetri – “DO I EVER”

Travis Demetri – “DO I EVER”  You may have heard of Travis Demetri while watching Signal 23 TV’s The Boyz Next Door: NYC, maybe you saw Travis on television in a Sour Patch Kids commercial, or even watched him perform at… View Post

Artifex: The Art Effect

Artifex: The Art Effect Artifex is a Latin word meaning artist, and Artist definitely describes Artifex. She is taking over the charts as she fuses Urban, Latin, Pop and Rap music in her new single Chillear featuring Frankie J. … View Post


MIKOLÁS JOSEF Mikoláš Josef is an accomplished Czech singer, songwriter, music producer, music video director, and choreographer based in Vienna, Austria. Mikoláš holds the title as the most-streamed Czech Artist to date. In 201, he was listed… View Post