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FanFair Signatures Officially Inks Deal with NFL Legend Donovan McNabb.

FanFair Signatures Officially Inks Deal with NFL Legend Donovan McNabb.

The First of Its Kind, the Innovative Virtual Autograph Print Signature and the Print Company is Changing the Way Athletes Interact With Their Fans.

FanFair Signatures, the rising star in the celebrity autograph space, proudly announces their continuation of making big waves in the industry with their newest equity partner, NFL Legend Donavan McNabb. McNabb’s involvement as a partner, investor and brand ambassador is helping to spearhead the newest addition of athletes to the platform.

Our Service Makes Customized Gifts More Accessible;
 A Win-Win For Both Fans and Athletes.

FanFair Signatures first began experimenting with virtual signatures in 2021 for a few celebrity clients who wanted an efficient way to fulfill requests from fans for mailed autographs. Since then, Co-Founders Owen De Lancie (Chief Executive Officer), Emily Warkentin (Chief Operations Officer) and Summer Scott (Chief Growth Officer) have taken the business to a new level by bringing more celebrity action directly to fans. 

The company has seen increased interest from sports fans; partnering with McNabb was a great way to launch the new sports line of the company and grow the reputation among athletes. Along with McNabb’s involvement, he will be on the platform signing autographs alongside many other legendary NFL stars like All Star running back Merill Hoge, Marshall Faulk and safety-Eric Coleman, to name a few.  The roster is quickly growing to include WWE athletes, comedians, singers and actors.

McNabb spoke out on this new brand ambassador partnership:  “When I first heard about FanFair and what they were offering, I knew I had to be part of the innovative service. Like most athletes, I’m very busy and don’t always have time to sign and personalize autographs for my loyal fans. The service that FanFair offers simplifies signings for me and bridges the gap between my fans and me; FanFair creates and ships the product directly to fans. 

“We are very excited to have Donovan join us in our endeavor to revolutionize the sports memorabilia space. Donovan’s legendary career and his continued entrepreneurship and involvement in the sports world is a key asset to FanFair’s growth in the sports industry.” 

Owen de Lancie, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FanFair Signatures.

The company will continue to expand and has plans to bring a fresh new look to the website and increase the available art prints to fans. This partnership with McNabb is a great step

for the company’s future.


FanFair Signatures is the first marketplace for virtually signed and personalized autographs from celebrities. By partnering with media companies and sports franchises – including Paramount Global, NFLPA, and Fanatics — as well as directly with popular icons from film and TV, sports, music, and much more, FanFair breaks the barriers to direct access for fans to

order on-demand personalized, one-of-a-kind, 100% authenticated prints.

FanFair is disrupting the industry by making autographs more accessible and unique. Using the FanFair Signatures app and digital tech, celebrities can sign, by hand, personalized messages to their fans from anywhere, at any time, and no two FanFair Signatures are exactly alike. The fan and celebrity relationship is unique, and, with FanFair Signatures, memorabilia and

keepsakes have never been easier to access for both fans and celebrities. The technology means fans are more connected to their favorite legends than ever before.

For additional information, visit www.FanFairSignatures.com.


Media Contact: Cathy Cardenas