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Alex Quin Has His Eyes Set On Oscars as he Executive Produces Upcoming Miami Film

Alex Quin Has His Eyes Set On Oscars as he Executive Produces Upcoming Miami Film

Every once in a while you come across a  person that disrupts industries and paves the way for new dreamers to explore their creativity and innovate.

When we think of today’s top leaders’ several qualities and characteristics may come to mind.  Drive, positivity, empathy, relentlessness, grit, respect, accountability, and selflessness are a few of the many things people look at when they analyze thought leaders and industry titans. 

In today’s world, we get to see many of these talented individuals through the power of content and social media. Their message and their voice inspire many and work as a proof of concept for what can be done if you stick to the plan.

For this and many other reasons, we would like to introduce you to someone who we believe should be on your radar. On this special cover of Lapalme Magazine, we want to highlight one of these leaders who is disrupting the entertainment sector through his various projects and collaborations with some of the industry’s best. 

Meet Alex Quin an American/Colombian artist and serial entrepreneur that’s made a name for himself over the years as he’s built and scaled multiple businesses in the entertainment & e-commerce industries.

Alex is best known for being the founder of UADV™️,  Hustle Inspires Hustle™️ , and partner at Contrast Publishing home of entertainment publication “Contrast Magazine”.  Since 2016 Quin is a member of the Prestigious Forbes Agency Council and is widely recognized for being the catalyst that drives attention & sales for the brands he is affiliated with.  

It is well known that Alex has what some would call a “Midas touch”.  His eye for marketing and sales and his experience in strategic partnerships have allowed him to grow multi-million dollar brands throughout his career.

Alex has been documenting his business journey on social media platforms since the age of 15 and has left an extensive track record and repository of case studies for his followers and admirers to learn from and draw inspiration from.

If you’ve never had a chance to work with Alex Quin you can get an aside look at his world through his trending podcast Hustle Inspires Hustle where he talks to thought leaders like Andy Frisella, Grant & Elena Cardone,  Chris Voss, and Randi Zuckerberg to name a few. 

Business experts, executives,  and big brands often come to Alex for his experience and ability to quickly generate results through the power of digital marketing and public relations. Globally recognized brands have noticed Alex’s talent in marketing and brand building and have collaborated with him in different capacities. Quin has collaborated or partnered with brands like Mclaren, Microsoft, Puma, VaynerMedia, Rich Music, Tile, and Florida International University.

Alex’s most recent venture steps into the world of film as he funds and executive produces “Take A Ride: Miami” a documentary-style social justice film that will reveal untold stories of Miami residents who have suffered from the dangers of gang wars and gun violence. The film’s trailer has gone viral and amassed over 1 million organic trailer views on social media and Alex and his team have their sights set on next year’s Oscar awards.

IMDB link for the film

We had a chance to sit down with Alex to talk about this project and what’s next for him.

Why did you decide to executive produce this film?

“The director and protagonist of this film, Anthon Samuel is a close friend of mine. Hearing the challenges and struggles he faced as a young boy in Miami’s streets compelled me to help him share his message. I grew up with many challenges but I have never lived some of the things Anthon has lived. But it’s not only Anthon. Many kids in Miami fall victim to the dangers of gun violence and gang wars. Many of them don’t live to see their 15th birthday.

When you think of Miami, you may immediately imagine the beautiful beaches, soft sand, trendy restaurants, palm trees, and tall skyscrapers. But behind Miami’s beauty lies something not many tourists or even local residents see.  I felt an obligation to shine a light on these social issues and to provide solutions that allow positive change to take place. “

You’ve cultivated a niche following that shares your interests and supports your projects. What’s the best way for new people to learn about you and consume your content?

The best way to learn about what’s going on is to follow my social media platforms. I keep them updated with my latest podcast episodes or my written publications on media outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, Grit Daily News, and ONE37pm to name a few. I’m a student of life and I don’t intend to keep the secret sauce secret. I want others to learn and grow with me. This is why I always have and will continue to share my knowledge.”

You have many moving pieces and own several highly regarded companies. How do you balance it all?

“I have tremendous support from my mom and dad. They’ve always taught me to face my fears and follow my dreams. I’m also blessed with an incredible team that goes above and beyond to bring our projects to life. As a male entrepreneur working alongside bright and capable women is a true honor. I’d like to give a special thank you to my mom for her mentorship in the industry and to my partner and right hand Michelle Chia.”

This is only the beginning.

Where can you find Alex?

Podcast: hustleinspireshustle.com/podcast



Tik tok @mralexquin 



Website: Alexquin.com

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