Taurean Prince has lived a life right off the silver screen. But you can’t script this movie. It’s a story full of surprises and humbling moments, It’s all his and it’s all real.

Five years into his NBA career you would think the bright lights and the fame would change him, but Taurean has remained the same person all throughout his life, Grateful. 

From his humble beginnings in San Antonio, Texas, Taurean had a great mentor, HIs Father. Taurean and his dad went through a bout of homelessness that forever changed how he looked at the comforts that we take for granted. Throughout all the hardships, they stuck together. They were a team, and life’s ups and downs would test the bonds of that team. 

Taurean’s dad never complained about his situation, he always found the upside. To this day, Prince doesn’t complain either, his dad wouldn’t approve of it. There are many times when Prince is reminded how important a bed, a shower or a hot meal is when you are going through rough times. 

Photo courtesy of Taurean Prince

He has always supported The Salvation Army and in this holiday season has stepped up by helping to fulfill the needs by purchasing much needed items for the shelter and the people who truly need help. He personally knows what it’s like to go without and has made it his personal mission to always pay it forward.

Nobody achieves success by themselves. That is something that Taurean truly believes. At some point or another most of us are helped along by a guardian angel or two. 

If you are interested in being someones guardian angel, please visit The @salvationarmysatx and @uniongospelmission  are still in need of so many items this month for the shelters.

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