JL: Can you give our readers some background on Ildi Pekar? 

IP: My name is Ildi Pekar, I’m a licensed cosmetologist, was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. My mission is to advocate clean beauty, and show that we can achieve great results in skincare by combining traditional remedies with advanced, high-technology. I believe that true beauty and glow come for inside out, and in order to achieve the best results with our skin care routine, our body needs to be balanced, constantly hydrated and cleaned from toxins and inflammation. For that reason I’m also a big believer of lymphatic stimulation, that I include in almost all the facial and body services. 

I moved to the USA from Hungary 17 years ago. I always pride my European roots, as we are big advocates of holistic and natural solutions, as well as cosmetology schools take education very Seriously. We go to school for years, learn all about chemistry and the skin in depth, then go under extensive training before we get to work on actual clients. I love Hungary and I will always think about it as my home, but at the same time I wanted to explore the world. When I was in my early twenties, I had the opportunity to move to the America and follow my dreams. When I opened my skin care studio, I wanted to make it unique by offering something different, so most of my treatments are based on European philosophies and techniques, and most of the professional machines I use are from Europe. It is also worthy to note, that Budapest is also known as Europe’s Spa Capital, because of its natural hot springs. That’s what inspired me when I created my Hungarian Thermal Water product line. 

JL: What came First? The Treatments or the Products?

IP: I opened my studio in Manhattan in 2007, and at that time I did’t have my own product line yet. It was important for me to use 70-80% organic products during my services, but at that time clean beauty wasn’t as highlighted as now, thus fewer products were available for me to work with. I had an idea about the perfect creams, cleaners, serums and I didn’t find that in any existing product, so I decided to create my own brand. I’ve launched my first collection, the Raw Honey Line in 2015, and have since come out with a Hungarian Thermal Water Line and CBD Collection. 

JL: What is the philosophy behind the skincare line ? IP: My mission is to show how to effectively heal the skin by incorporating nature and wellness. I believe that nature and healthy lifestyle have the power to treat any skin concern, and I created this brand, so everybody can find a product that fits their needs and improves their skin health. I’m not only a skin care enthusiast, but a cosmetologist who works with clients daily, knows what the skin needs and I put my everyday experiences into creating my products, hand pick all ingredients and work closely with my chemists to achieve the best results and make your skin happy, healthy and glowing. 


JL: What Celebrities have you had the opportunity to work with?

IP: I had the pleasure to meet and work on many well known faces during my career, amongst others Lindsay Ellingson and Ashley Park choose to reset their glow and get that well deserved me time in our salon. 

JL: How has the spa and products endured the covid-19 pandemic, and what has changed for you? 

IP: It has been tough, as a small business we have to re-think our entire business strategy moving forward. The salon has been closed for 6 months last year, many of our clients moved out of the city for good, so we have to rebuild the past 13 years of work and clientel to get the salon back on track. We are tirelessly working to make sure our customers and employees are safe and we provide them a comfortable environment, a little peace island where they can relax and getaway from today’s stressful circumstances. We stay positive that the world and our salon will get back to normal and continue to thrive. 

JL: What new products are in the making? Any new treatments? 

IP: My mind is always full of with ideas, we have couple of new products and services on the way, we will disclose them and the launch dates shortly! One thing that 2020 has taught us as beauty providers is that we need to make ourself available more virtually and give skincare tips to customers that they can do at the comfort of their home. So while I’m focusing on my in-person clients, I’m also putting lot of thought and effort to make my fellow skin care enthusiasts are happy virtually with my master classes, that are available for everybody globally at Unplugg.co.

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