NFL alum, father, entrepreneur, philanthropist& fashion enthusiast are just some of the titles held by NFL Star Nolan Carroll – who has played for the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys. Since retirement Carroll has transitioned into the business world; spearheading cutting-edge tech with his app CoinGoat & also partnering with YoloRum. In perhaps his most important role since leaving the field (besides fatherhood) he is making change w his foundation; The Nolan Carroll foundation whose mission is to support Science Technology Engineering and Math educational opportunities, job skill training and to promote and encourage physical activities for underprivileged and at-risk youths.

When you are hustling every day, chasing your dreams, it can be all too easy to focus on what you need to improve without patting yourself on the back for all of your accomplishments. While it is very important to work hard and continue improving your performance, you can sometimes be a little bit too hard on yourself. 

If you beat yourself up internally, it might be time to change that. When you find yourself filled with doubt, you may want to write down a list of everything you’ve accomplished over the past year or so. This will likely help you see just how capable you are.

It is human nature to want a bigger house, a larger paycheck, and a larger salary, but these changes will be more likely to occur if you practice gratitude for what you already have. If you have a steady job that you love and a place to call home, you’re quite well off.

It can be all too easy to wish that you were rich, or skip work a few too many times because you hate your job. Instead of thinking this way, try to manage whatever you are earning with extreme care and do the very best you can at work, even if you hate your job. The more diligent you are with what you have, that will be the reward for what you will receive down the road.

Life can be so incredibly hectic and it’s easy to go from one task to another without taking a moment to celebrate your achievements!  You celebrate
the achievement because there was a point in the process that you may have questioned is it worth it, even worse thinking about quitting. 

Perhaps you are having a challenging year. Maybe you didn’t get the job you applied for or you didn’t earn as much money as you would have liked to. You might still be in a location that is not ideal for the lifestyle that you crave. Nonetheless, it’s important not to lose hope. 

Think about it this way instead. Maybe you didn’t get the job because there is another one right around the corner that pays twice as much and allows you to follow your passion. Perhaps you didn’t earn
as much as you would have liked to because you were still learning the ropes, which means that you have improved your skills significantly and could potentially bring in a lot more income this year.

No matter how wonderful or challenging things are, it is very important to remain present and take one day at a time. This will help you excel at whatever you are currently working on while remaining happier, leaving the unpleasant memories of the past behind, and practicing hope for the future. You can never expect great things if you are always worried about what you do not have.

Too many of us allow the internet to define success, thinking that we are only worthy of self-care if we drive fancy cars, live in big houses, and bring home a certain amount of money per year. That is simply not true.
It is essential to take some time to celebrate accomplishments, whatever that looks like. Maybe for you, that means a monthly spa day or a trip to the Bahamas every year, or perhaps it simply means that you need to take a hike in the mountains once a week to lift your spirits. 

Life is hectic, stressful, and extremely busy for most of us the majority of the time. However, it’s important to take a moment to honor yourself and celebrate your accomplishments every once in a while. You deserve to. 

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