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Be Apoldist. Be conscious.

Be Apoldist. Be conscious.

When we talk about sustainability there are more questions to be answered than actions to be followed.  Maybe one of the most important question to start with is where are you located? That is, unfortunately, a starting point often found at the base of a sustainability related talk. Why so? Because even if you aim to live in the most sustainable way we could all think of, you may find it difficult considering governmental decisions, lack of infrastructure, and absence of care. 

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Consider you live in a country where sustainability is seen as a trend rather than a necessity and where upcycling is perceived like being made out of garbage so surely it is cheap to produce. 

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Now replace the word “country” with “world”. Ah, there you go. The sad reality, like it or not. 

The good news is, there are places where people prove it is possible to follow a sustainable way of living, take Nordic countries as per example. In addition, more positive news is that there are others that take example. The more, the merrier. 

However, when it comes to fashion, it is not enough to start producing more sustainable, control the supply chain, or anything else that may be listed here. We must undo the harm that has already been done. 

We must reuse, reduce, repair, recycle, redesign, REPEAT!

Sure, we cannot stop the consumerism, but an equilibrium must be found. And it actually has been. The first platform of its kind, Apoldist, is a curated online store, with a variety of students, emerging designers or established brands, which offers a sustainable shopping experience and through its buy back discount in exchange of used/vintage clothes aims to bring change in the fashion world. The last mentioned items enter an upcycling circular process of repairs, redesign and reselling in Apoldist, under the brand Hooldra. Talk about ethics & aesthetics! 

Where you put that everything ordered from the store, will be shipped worldwide in a reusable bag made out of organic fabric, embroidered and handmade by local craftswomen from a small city of Transylvania, packaged in a compostable mailer. 

Yes, you actually can have this many sustainable aspects in a business. You only need to care. As from caring comes change. And change is what we all need.  

article by:

Derek Warburton


derek warburton