Created in the late 1800s, the brim hat was originally created just for women. However, it quickly became a men’s classic. And became an international staple — thanks to the likes of Indiana Jones and Humphrey Bogart. Today, these same brim hats are worn by the likes of Pharrell Williams, Lebron James, and Harry Styles, just to name a few.

Founders Tajh Crutch and Archie Clay III

As men started to catch on, these hats were worn year-round. Now, in 2020, that same trend is coming back around, full circle. In this article, we will discuss why you should wear your brim hat with pride during autumn. Of course, we know that these hats get the majority of their wear during the cooler months, but a brim can be worn 365 days a year.

First, hats will keep your face away from direct sunlight, which is extremely important. A well-constructed wide brim reduces sun exposure. This can help with avoiding a lot of things that we want to stay away from, including facial skin cancers and premature aging. We recommend wearing one when you’re doing those outdoor activities for recreation (hunting, hiking), and leisure (festivals, weddings, sporting events).

The American Cancer Society recommends wide-brimmed hats (brims of 2” – 3” or greater) because a they covers places where it is difficult to apply sunscreen, i.e., the scalp as well as places where people often forget to apply sunscreens, such as the tops of the ears and the back of the neck. When you’re wearing a hat, your face has more protection than with sunscreen alone.

Also, the hat will keep the sun out of your eyes, which helps with your vision and comfortability – two things that are very important to have at all times.

In the Fall, the weather is volatile. The weather can go from sunny to sun shower at the drop of a hat (no pun intended). With the rainy weather, you still have to run errands and handle everything that you normally would. This is the time where a fedora works perfectly. This hat allows you to run those errands in the rain with 360 protection. 

Lastly, and most importantly, they’re stylish. A brim hat can be worn through these changing months effortlessly. A fedora can easily be worn with a warm coat, jean shorts, distressed jeans, graphic t-shirts and more. This style of hat can be paired with any type of clothing and won’t look “off.” Hats have become essential with taking whatever look you have to the next level. Bright colored hats with multi-color bows, ribbons and bands allow you to be creative with the styling of your hat with different options. 

Article by: Lamont Johnson and Tajh Crutch 

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