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Artifex: The Art Effect

Artifex: The Art Effect

Artifex is a Latin word meaning artist, and Artist definitely describes Artifex. She is taking over the charts as she fuses Urban, Latin, Pop and Rap music in her new single Chillear featuring Frankie J. 

Born in Stockholm and raised in Sweden to a Finnish mother and Cuban father, she became fluent in three languages. Artifex grew up spending summers and holidays in Havana, Cuba. Post-graduation, Artifex moved to Italy, where she modeled for major designers like Valentino, Etro, Cedric Charlier, and Antonio Marras. Currently in the states, her multi-cultural upbringing and European travels have influenced Artifex’s unique musical stylings. You can find her newest single on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

LM: Where did the name Artifex originate?

A: It originated from the Latin language. I remember being at home, chilling & googling some Latin words when Artifex popped up randomly on my screen. It said, “Origin and definition of Artifex- a practitioner of an art. Performer, maker, creator, author, artist”. I felt an instant connection to “her,” Artifex was my calling. She represents the sassy, fearless side of me. I might sound crazy explaining “her” as her own character, but she is my Gemini half, my twin companion.

LM: Your mother is from Finland, your father from Cuba; you went to school in Sweden and spent summers in Cuba while also modeling for fashion shows/campaigns in Paris, Milan, and Italy. How do you think your diverse, multi-cultural upbringing shapes your music?

A: My music is shaped by my multi-cultural experiences traveling and engaging with diverse people/cultures. I guess my curiosity for exploring has shaped me and my music. I’m always on to the next thing and want to learn more. I’m not afraid of mixing different types of music genres. I’ll splash some Swedish pop on a Latin track and add a little Cuban mambo or Cha Cha too! Fusion is my thing. I learned how to own and embrace the many sides of me, fusing all of my experiences into my music. My sound is a global fusion.

Top: Jaded London 

LM: Who were some of your early influences in music? Who would you say is your most significant musical influence right now? What type of music do you listen to to get inspired?

A: I’ve always had an extensive music playlist, going from classical to folklore, Caribbean to rock, pop, rap, hip hop, and of course, Latin music. I love to explore new music and listen to different types of genres. Musical influences vary depending on my mood. But my early influences were on the soul/ neo-soul side. On chill and relaxing days, I play Sade, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, and Lauryn Hill. I listen to salsa music while cooking, like Celia Cruz or Marc Anthony’s earlier albums. When I’m in a creative mood, I tend to listen to Bob Marley, but I also play Cardi B, Bad Bunny, or Farruko when I need that adrenaline to shake up my creative energy. A very inspiring artist right now is Rosalia, she is amazing. A variety of music genres inspires me. I borrow elements from here and there and create it into my own with help from the True Makers Team. I’m proud of the excellent music we create.

LM: Given your travel across the globe, do you have a favorite location to record? Where do you go to get inspired?

A: My favorite location to record is at the True Makers studio in LA. I always have my best moments recording with Lugo Gonzalez and his team. He understood my sound right away. We continue to explore more sounds. I’m always up for growth and challenges. For inspiration, hiking is a must for me. Moving my body and connecting with nature helps clear my mind. I let go and let the inspiration thrive.

LM: During the Coronavirus Pandemic, what has been your routine to stay sane?

A: Wow, this has been an enormous test for all of us. I’ve been communicating with my family and friends and gone back and forth to the supermarket, buying a lot of orchids. Soon I will have an Amazonian rainforest in my home, no joke! Also, I’ve been burning a lot of sage to clean my air. I write a lot, taking my time to write thoughts down to see where the poem will end. Staying in tune with your mind and body is vital during this quarantine.

LM: Your new release, Chillear featuring Frankie J, just came out this weekend. Who were you most excited to showcase this song to and why? On that topic, once you finish a song, who is the first person you want to hear feedback from?

A: Once we finish a song, we showcase it to industry people for their input. Then we showcase it to everyone, family, friends, and the world, but I’m always excited to showcase my songs to my parents first. I am so excited for the world to hear this my new track! Chillear is about chilling, taking it slow, and it’s so relevant to what’s going on right now. Even though the song is in Spanish, I feel everyone can dig its happy and fun sound.

LM: What’s the most important thing you want your fans to take away from your music?

A: Good memories, nostalgia, and joy. Lyrics are important; relatable songs are ones we feel deeply. Music has the power to keep us going to reach our goals, and music encourages people to find inner strength and power to keep ongoing. Most of my music taps into self-empowerment, and I want people to feel that.

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