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The Hills: Ashley Wahler

The Hills: Ashley Wahler

Growing up watching The Hills is something we all have in common with Ashley Wahler. Fast forward to the 2019 The Hills reboot and now, Ashley Wahler is married to Jason, celebrating a sober life and building her career. Lapalme Magazine got the chance to chat with Ashley about her career, The Hills and her favorite hair products for the summertime. 

LM: What can we expect from this new season of The Hills?

AW: I think you’re going to be able to experience a rollercoaster of emotions. There are lots of highs and lows and very real raw moments. I think you will be able to connect to at least one person from the cast because we are all going through something different in our lives

LM: What role will your daughter play in the show? 

AW: She is not a huge part of the show, but you will see her pop in and out of a few scenes.

LM: What sparked your interest in join The Hills Reboot?

AW: When we got the opportunity to be on the reboot we sat down and talked a lot about whether or not we should do it. After thinking and me being a big reality TV fan I always felt like recovery was something that was never shown and I thought what a perfect opportunity to utilize this as a platform to show the world what recovery looks like from a family dynamic.

LM: Why do you think revivals like this are so popular?

AW: I think there is a nostalgia with revivals. 15 years ago we didn’t have social media so we were much more present in all our lives. I think society yearns for that feeling and when you watch revivals you go back to that place you were when we watched them.

LM: What did you think while watching the debut on June 24?

AW: I loved the debut! We have been anticipating the premiere for so long and we were just excited for it to finally be here!

LM: You’re a stylist and colorist, where do you see hair trends heading this year and into 2020?

AW: Some trends I am loving right now going into 2020 are first warm tones! For a long time ashy hair was in but it’s a very unrealistic hair color because all of our natural remaining pigments are warm so I’m happy to see them finally being embraced. Also I think bangs will be making a big comeback this winter!

LM: What does your beauty routine consist of?

AW: Heat protectant on my hair is a must! Especially being a blonde! I always use a heat protectant when my hair is wet before blow-drying and I’m big into oils! Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil is a must for my hair. I use it on wet and dry hair and even put a little into my conditioner for an extra nourishing mask in the summer time.

LM: Any favorite summertime products you’d like to recommend to our readers?

AW: My favorite summertime products are Kerastase Eau de Vagues Beach Wave Spray (I love this product especially for after the beach when I don’t have enough time to blow dry my hair. I love to embrace my natural curls. This also is silicone free so it won’t dry out your hair like some other beach sprays), L’Oréal 10 in 1 – I use every time my hair is wet! It is the best heat protectant and detangler. A Wet Brush – your hair is the most fragile when it is wet! This brush will help detangle hair without breaking your ends. Kypris Beauty Elixir 3 – amazing moisturizer for your face with sustainably sourced botanicals with a neutral scent blended to diminish signs of UV over-exposure and dryness.

Photo credit: Katie Levine

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