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Kenzo Takada’s Legendary Career Memorialized in Hardcover

Legendary designer Kenzo Takada chronicles his life in his latest, eponymously title book. The book features personal photographs and 300 hand-colored sketches and from the French-Japanese fashion designer’s private collection. Captivating stories such as the opening of his first shop, Jungle Jap, The inceptions of his wedding gown made exclusively of ribbons from his A/W ‘92 show, and his final runway show at the Zenith in Paris. Although the stories give you an insight into the mindset of one of the most captivating designers of modern fashion, what will truly have you in awe are the amazing sketches. They serve as a timetable of sorts, not only showing Takada’s art improve as time progressed, but you see him challenge himself creatively with different fabric combinations and intricate designs. The runway photos are the icing on the cake, giving you a complete picture (no pun intended) of a piece and let’s you view the design process step-by-step.

Author and close friend to Takada, Kazuko Masui, really helped tell Kenzo story arguably better than anyone else could have. She played a huge role in the legendary exhibition Kenzo-Liberte that took place in 1989. She also assisted with Selling Points, a look-book of hand-colored sketches and personal photographs from the archives of Takada. Including hundreds of sketches and personal photographs that offer an insiders perspective on his career, creative process, and vision.

Kenzo Takada by Kazuko Masui is available on Amazon and at all major booksellers.