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Rob Bacon, A down to earth guy with a knack for creating wearable art.

Rob Bacon, A down to earth guy with a knack for creating wearable art.

photo by Jeremy Byrd @jeremybyrdphoto

A Rob Bacon piece has come to exemplify luxury.

Rob Bacon emerged from Illinois and created a buzz that spread like wildfire. In the past few years his designs have appeared in multiple publications including Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, LaPalme, CNN, Yahoo, Bravo, E.T., The New York Times, The Detroit Times, OUT, and Details. Rob has also had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented fashion designers, photographers, stylists and make-up artists in the industry.

Beginning with jewelry, Bacon creates durable, fashionable pieces using natural, unusual stones, chains and leather. He began by beading with a friend, but has since been inspired to create designs that push the typical style. “I gather stones, crystals, leather, and chains and sometimes let them create themselves,” says Bacon.


Following his love with story-telling through fashion, Bacon took on sewing quickly and found a niche designing hand painted leather bags that start as just an unexpected vision. “Most of my designs I get an unexpected vision in my mind. Once that happens, I cant let it go. I get obsessed about it and I am forced to get it out into a physical design. My muse is formed out a story that my designs portray. I’m inspired by the challenge of having my design ideas become reality.”

Bacon’s secret weapon is his ability to create dimensional, yet functional pieces, whose every angle tells a different part of the story. Bacon has always been a big fan of color and textures, using that to his advantage to create challenges designed to master his craft.

Recently, Bacon has evolved into a new phase of design creating exclusive, one of a kind, hand-painted leather tops and gowns. Giving bright colored high fashion textures an edge, Bacon introduces Envisage. Each piece empowers you to create your own story using bold, unique, provoking designs. Inspired by Alexander McQueen, Bacon delivers to us wearable fashion with Avant Garde aesthetics. “I want my clients to feel empowered and striking.” What started out as a dream has become his reality and we can’t wait to read the story his next collection will share.


Designer: Rob Bacon
Instagram: @designerrobbacon

Creative Director and Stylist: John William Newland of Victor & Ash
Instagram: @victorandash
Styling Assistants: Tim Pierce
Instagram: @sapitim
Hannah Jelstrom
Instagram: @life_with_jelly

Photographer: Marcoz Morales
Instagram: @marcozmorales
Assistant Photographer: Miranda Grey
Instagram: @itsmirandagrey

Model: Olivia Martin
Represented by: New Version
Instagram: @newversionmodels