Inspo: my model’s look draws inspiration from Socal’s ever-popular “festival season” that has become a part of the summer culture the world over.

Striations of cotton candy baby pink and periwinkle blue mimic swirls on a soft serve cone, cooling off her olive complexion and adds soft, feminine wearability to a look that can be very fashion forward and strong. A “pinwheel” sectioning was done to achieve this, designed to melt the colors in a very seamless way, and allows each flip of the hair to showcase a different look every time.

The colors were chosen based off the fact that the Model wanted to experiment with a multitude of different colors she hasn’t yet tried, but to ease her into the fashion color scene with something that would fade organically and be a breeze to upkeep. These complimentary tones work well with every skin tone, and is something that everyone can wear, regardless of age or gender. It’s low-commitment, flattering, and is simple to maintain, yet completely changeable and easily removable.

The products used to create this look is a prep of the color conserve daily leave-in, which protect her colored tresses not only from heat damage and further styling but allows the pastels to remain vibrant on a day to day basis. We then worked in a mandarin-orange sized amount of Phomollient, which enhances the shine while giving her workable texture, and presprayed sections of hair with texture tonic to provide more grit and hold to her very straight strands. The finished look is polished, yet tousled and touchable – perfect for a night out, a day in LA, or a music-filled festival grounds.

Justin Lee @jlecolor

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