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Brunello Cucinelli: The Classic Jean Jacket

Brunello Cucinelli: The Classic Jean Jacket

The first recorded jean jacket was created here in the United States around 1880 by German-American businessman Levi Strauss, approximately ten years after he had invented jeans as a new type of work apparel intended for field use by cowboys, laborers, miners and railroad workers.

The “Type III” denim jacket as is it was referred to, was introduced by Levis Strauss & Co. in 1962. It was also well known simply as “the trucker jacket” and it incorporated hallmark design elements present today which includes a slightly tapered waistline, welt hand pockets, bar tacks which hold down chest pockets and round metal snap buttons for closure on the front.

Uniquely American just like the original jeans, the jean jacket started as a vital wardrobe element of western wear, it still holds significant appeal in American culture that has stood strong against the unrelenting test of time.

We have witnessed the jean jacket go from its humble roots as work wear for laborers in its original form of western wear and migrate to the big city, multiple cultural interpretations, and starred in multiple genres of film and ultimately across the globe as an everyday casual item.

Such notable wearers of jean jackets have included musician and noted activist John Lennon and the king of cool himself, actor and noted car aficionado Steve McQueen.

Today the classic jean jacket has gone relatively unchanged from its original design, and with his usual aplomb Brunello Cucinelli has a jean jacket in the mix for the Men’s Spring Summer 2018 collection just waiting to be incorporated into wardrobes.

Soft cotton and spandex are combined in a stark white as neutral color for the season to pair with multiple pieces from the collection.

Brunello Cucinelli Jean Jacket

  • Classic snap buttons closure.
  • Long sleeves for various arm lengths.
  • Flap chest pockets.
  • Welt side pockets.
  • Yoke back.
  • Hip-length hem at waistline.
  • Constructed of cotton/spandex.
  • Made in Italy 🇮🇹

Brunello Cucinelli             Garment-dyed Shirt

  • Spread collar.
  • Button front.
  • Flap pockets have antler snap buttons.
  • Yoke back.
  • Regular fit.
  • Made in Italy 🇮🇹
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