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The Guys that are “Forever in Your Mind”

The Guys that are “Forever in Your Mind”

Hot off the release of their latest EP Euphoric we caught up with Liam Attridge, Ricky Garcia and Emery Kelly, the wildly talented guys of Forever in Your Mind. Liam are Emery are cousins from Long Island who grew up singing and pursuing music. Ricky and Emery met during “X Factor” and became friends right away, even joined forces in the competition rather than compete solo. After their X Factor success they solidified the trio which was dubbed “Forever in Your Mind” during the show Simon Cowell.

In the two years since, FIYM has been on a roll, acting in hit Disney shows and creating a string of thrill-ride cover videos, such as their remakes of “Cake By The Ocean, ” “Shake Your Booty,” and “Night Changes.” Over time, the band has matured as players, performers and songwriters.

EP “Euphoric” is now available across all platforms: Itunes, Spotify etc..


Photographer Storm Santos @stormshoots
Stylist Aisha Rae @aisharaestyle
Assistant Stylist Angel Cross
Groomer Ashley Humpreys

LIAM – Army/camflouage jacket – Dim Mak Black shirt – Cotton on Black jeans – top man Black Boots – Dr. Marten RICKY – Green Jacket – Michael Stars Black Shirt – Zara Black Pants – Topman Silver Skull Ring – Heart of Bone Black Boots – Pskaufman EMERY – Olive Leather Jacket – John Varvatos Black Pants – Topman Black Boots – Dr. Marten

LIAM – Black Shirt – Cotton On Red Letterman Jacket – Reminiscence by Stewart Richer Black Pant – Topman Brown Suede Boots – Phineas Cole RICKY – Black Shirt – Zara Red and Green Bomber Jacket – Resurrection Black Pants – Topman Black Boots – Dr. Marten

White long sleeve shirt – Dim Mak Black Blazer – Calvin Klein

Black and Red Sweater – Topman

LIAM – Green Plaid Jacket – Dim Mak Black Shirt – Cotton On Black Pants – Topman Black Boots – Bacco Bucci Silver Chain – Heart and Bone RICKY – Black Leather Sleeveless Jacket – Bohemian Society Black Shirt – Zara Black Pant – Topman Black Sneaker – Chuck Taylor Converse Silver Bracelet – Armature Bullet Ring – Armature Skull Ring – Heart of Bone Silver Skull Necklace – Heart of Bone EMERY – Black Leather Jacket – Bohemian Society Black Shirt – Zara Black Pants – Topman Red Sneaker – John Varvatos Bullet Ring – Armature Silver Rings – Heart of Bone

Taupe striped shirt – Dolce and Gabbana Charcoal Coat – Resurrection Black pants – Topman Black Boots – Bacco Bucci

1.Funniest/craziest thing that has happened on set/ during a show?

Emery: I ripped my pants from doing a backflip once. Hahaha.

Liam: I think the craziest thing that happened to me was once my shoelace got caught on the stage. I face planted!

Ricky: On the set of BFW, my dog at the time, Bruno, passed away. It was really sad, but everyone was there for me and my mom at the time. Everyone was super supportive.


2.Finish this sentence: If you want to spoil me rotten…

Liam: Cuddle me to death… 🙂

Emery: If you want to spoil me rotten, I’ll stop you because you don’t need to spoil me. I’ll spoil you babe.

Ricky: Bring me cheez-its 😛


3. If you could only be on one Social Media platform… Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter? And why?

Emery: I can’t choose between Twitter and Instagram because I love talking to people on

Liam: Twitter and showing them my photos on Instagram.
I would choose Twitter because twitter is where the best memes are, haha.

Ricky: I would probably choose Instagram. You can share pictures, add stories and talk to fans.


4. Know by your friends as the __________ one?

Emery: The adventurous one

Liam: The one with the random knowledge

Ricky: The silly one


5. Best advice you ever received?

Emery: “Be honest, be humble, and be kind to others. Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Liam: Be yourself, and love, and be kind to everyone

Ricky: To never give up, even when the odds are against you.


6. Tell us something about you that not many people know? Or might find surprising?

Liam: I’m not a social person! I’m an introvert but have a passion for music and love doing it.

Emery: I can freestyle.

Ricky: I like to cook.


7. Tell us about your latest E.P EUPHORIC?


Emery: Our latest release “Euphoric” is our best work, and I loved working on this EP. It’s about who we are now and how much we’ve grown.

Ricky: Euphoric dropped on January 12th baby! Let’s go! We put a lot into this, and we can’t wait to get the reaction of our fans. Love you guys!


8. How has your music developed as you have matured together as a group?

Emery: I’d say we’ve grown into the R&B and soul sound with pop influence.

Liam: I think that the tone of our music has developed over time into a more mature sound, and I feel like it touches on more serious topics. The words are more mature along with the production and the sound.

Ricky: Our music has more of our personal influences this time. Before, we were trying to please a lot of people, and this time, we wanted to release music that really presented us and how we’ve grown over the last year.


9. What does 2018 have in store for you?

Liam: World domination!

Emery: 2018 is the year for us, just wait 🙂 We can’t wait to perform for y’all.

Ricky: Amazing things, I can feel it. 2018 has already been off to an amazing start!


10. Where can fans connect with you the most?

Liam: Fans can connect with us on all of our social media accounts. Twitter and Instagram are @officialfiym and our YouTube is @fiymofficial!

Ricky: Instagram/ Twitter – @officialfiym. You can catch our videos on YouTube, and stream us on Spotify.

Emery: And people can connect with me on Twitter or on all of our bands accounts.