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Disney’s New Darling Meg Donnelly

Disney’s New Darling Meg Donnelly

At only 17 years old Meg is positioned to be one of the breakout stars in the entertainment industry today, quickly becoming known for her impeccable comedic timing on camera, innate abilities in music, and her refreshing, free spirit she brings to every project she appears in.

Meg can currently be seen starring on ABC’s hit comedy series “American Housewife” where  Meg shines as Taylor, the eldest of Katie’s three children, who was an awkward, homely student then suddenly grew out of her ugly-duckling phase.
On the film front, Meg can be seen starring as Addison in the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie “Zombies,” due out in early 2018.  The musical follows a semester at Seabrook High School in a suburban town preoccupied with uniformity, traditions and pep rallies until transfer students from Zombietown are integrated into the school.  The story centers around cheerleader Addison (Donnelly) and zombie football star Zed. Meg also recently wrapped production on the indie drama “The Broken Ones” (AMK Films). We caught up with the busy teen as she shares the most memorable moment on set of “Zombies” and shares how to spoil her.

Photography: The Riker Brothers (@rikerbrothers)
Makeup: Anton K (@antonmakeup)
Styling: Lo VonRumpf (@stylelvr)
Hair: Mika Fowler (@mikafowlerxx)


Funniest/craziest thing that has happened on shoot set?

On the set of Zombies, we were getting ready for our first big dance scene.  As we were waiting to start, we spontaneously started to cheer back and forth between our two groups, the ‘Zombies’ and ‘Seabrook’ (human cheerleaders).  It really got our energy up!!  From then on, it became a ritual and a great way to create a fun rivalry. We then would all dance together in a big circle before breaking to start the scene.  It got everyone pumped and ready to do our best.

Finish this sentence: If you want to spoil me rotten… 

Send me memes!

If you could only be on one Social Media platform… Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter? And why? 

While I do use and enjoy them all, Instagram is my ‘go to’ platform.  In addition to reaching the most people, I communicate with many of my friends back in NYC through Instagram Stories.  Lately, I have been raising my Twitter profile.  I was late to that platform, but it is an easy way to stay connected.

Known by your friends as the….?

The funny and kind one.

What is your favorite part about being a part of the Disney family? 

Being part of a wonderful group of people.  At Disney, everyone is supportive and caring, from the kids to all that make the magic happen.  We have so much fun together no matter what we are doing (and being able to outline Mickey’s ears with the Disney Channel Wand in a commercial– it was one of my childhood dreams that came true!!).

How do you most relate to your character Taylor on American Housewife?    We are both teenage girls trying to navigate through all the changes in our lives, whether it is

We are both teenage girls trying to navigate through all the changes in our lives, whether it is school (work for me), family, friends and ‘potential’ romantic relationships.

Best advice you ever received? 

Be prepared, but do not overthink the scene.  Always be in the moment, but most of all, have fun.