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Self-described “tom-boy” Charissa Thompson balances celebrity, fashion and sports co-hosting EXTRA with Mario Lopez and as the host of Fox SportsNFL Kickoff show.  She is also one of the American hosts of the obstacle course competition Ultimate Beastmaster.  The Seattle native turned California girl, A sports fan at heart, has shown the impressive versatility to cross over into the entertainment realm of television. We caught up with Charissa at her beautiful Malibu home to snap a few photos and get to know her better.

Funniest/craziest thing that has happened on set?

Derek teaching me how to model. And how I am immediately into photoshoots (which I normally hate) when I put on Derek’s diamonds!

If you want to spoil me rotten?

Buy me Derek’s diamonds.

Your thoughts on the whole social media entertainment thing and how its changing the industry?

I think it’s fantastic. Social media yes can be a blessing and a curse but it gives you a platform to show people who you are and connect with people and exchange ideas on fashion, houses etc that maybe one wouldn’t have had access to
Known by your friends as the __________ one? And why?

Crazy one. I am always up for doing something, legal or not! And I’m very spontaneous.

What’s it like going from hosting sports to hosting a show like Extra? 

It’s very different obviously but as I always say, people are people and the only difference really is I’m not critiquing athletes fashion! Well, occasionally Russell Westbrook!

 What have you noticed or learned about yourself being a woman the male-heavy field of entertainment that is sports? 

I have learned I am a boy, wearing a dress! I’ve always been a tom-boy but I grew up with a dad and older brother that LOVED sports so that’s why I loved it. It’s not unusual for me to be surrounded by dudes, I love my girlfriends, don’t get me wrong but guys are soooooo much easier!!!

Favorite female athlete and why? 

I love Serena Williams, she’s unapologetic, consistent, she’s a total sweetheart too and a boss!

What’s your summer 2017 style motto? 

Malibu chic!

When you are not working you enjoy?

Running , laying on the beach, traveling, road trips and hanging with my dogs and friends !!

 What can we look forward to next?

It’s always a mystery with me, my hair is representative of if my life.. always changing!!!