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Throw a Party Like a Hamptons Aristocrat with Lexi and Louisa’s Tips

Throw a Party Like a Hamptons Aristocrat with Lexi and Louisa’s Tips
From the last minute, Christmas shindigs to thoroughly planned NYE celebrations and every party in between, Lexi Ristch + Louisa Young, of Hamptons Aristocrat are sharing with their party throwing tips! Pioneers in the catering, curating, and concierge industries Lexi and Louisa cater to the elite in the Hamptons. Get your next party on the professional level with their insight.
1) The Food: Your food centerpiece: Lavish feeling Mezze Board. Focus on variety on textures.  Splurge on a huge wooden board to display. Plate each item directly on the board or add height by using bowls. Choose 5 different cheese ( some hard and some soft) + 5 different sliced cured meats ( could also mix and match with smoked salmon or your favorite smoked fish). Add depth by adding bean purees ( buy pre made and serve in small bowls to off set the cheese and cured meat) + add your favorite olive + crackers and crostinis + grapes and/or berries.  Depending on your budget offer either a caviar ($$$$) or impress your guests without breaking the bank by offering small bowls of salmon roe alongside whipped chive cream cheese.  Don’t forget bamboo skewers + cocktail napkins + small wooden tongs.
Make sure all the hors d’oeuvres are bite size, making them easy to eat and to avoid a mess. If they’re meant to be eaten hot, then they should be passed.
Garnish your food platters with edible flowers and herbs
2) The Bar: Offer a themed specialty drink with bells and whistles. To really wow your crowd your specialty drink will need a custom ice cube.  If the drink has a fruit base, purchase square ice cube trays and pre freeze the fruit base. If you’re feeling extra festive, freeze edible flowers or herbs into the ice.  If the drink is not fruit based, freeze plain water with edible flowers or complimentary herbs.  Splurge on stainless steel straws or stainless steel metal skewers ( if your drink needs another garnish such as an olive or citrus rind).
Make sure your bar is stocked with stainless steel or brass buckets of champagne and sparkling water.  Glassware is everything so if your budget allows, go for a fun variety of glassware like vintage champagne flutes and rock glasses.
3) Cocktail Napkins: Don’t let your cocktail napkins be an afterthought! Customize online with the name of your party if you have one or at least a festive holiday symbol and the date.  You can never have too many napkins and can set around the party and bar for guests to grab before putting their drink down on your expensive new coffee table.
4) Holiday Flowers:  Its definitely not flower season but nothing says or smells like the holidays like eucalyptus and pine.  Grab some at your local nursery and set in vases or directly on countertops, off set with succulents and tea candles.  The more indirect light the better to create festive energy.
5) Favors! Bake your favorite cookies + bag them up as a little holiday favor to go!
– PERSONALIZE IT: find one item that reflects a hobby or interest of the receiver! (If they are a yogis give them a travel Yoga matt, Brew to go (for the coffee and tea lovers), home cook: a kitchen towel!). Remind them that you listen and you care about their interests!
– BEST WAY TO GET A SMILE? Candy!! we recommend adding something that’s sweet + edible! A fancy Chocolate bar, homemade spiced nuts, a small box of candies / truffles or even a small handful of loose individually wrapped candy (even left over from your Halloween bowl!!).
– WEARABLE: pick one item for your receiver to wear (this can be a lip gloss, or flower crown, a bold lip stick, bracelet or scarf!
– RECYCLE: find something around the house to put your bundle in! Could be an old wine crate, a basket, a galvanized wine bucket! Add some crinkle and you’re all set!
– CONFETTI makes everything not festive!  Even a little sprinkle of white confetti (check out your hole puncher, we bet she has some ready to go in her mystery pocket.
– Finally add a future date card!  Whether it be a coffee or lunch.  Be sure to include a fun invitation for a get together!  This is a perfect way to be sure to keep up with your friends which is so hard to do! And if it’s for someone special, you could always make a bubble bath date, it’s free and a perfect winter date!
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