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We Have ALL the Details Behind Rihanna’s VMA Hair Straight from Yuesf!

We Have ALL the Details Behind Rihanna’s VMA Hair Straight from Yuesf!

Last night at the 2016 MTV VMA’s in New York City, Rihanna was the queen of the evening, and to say she looked amazing is an understatement! Her beloved hairstylist Yusef created four effortless, yet edgy looks – using ghd and MOP hair care – throughout the night that all withstood her killer performances.

Please see below step-by-steps for some of her memorable looks including when Drake confessed his love to her! The feels are so real!

“I wanted to show who Rihanna is and has been throughout her career. Her individuality is what made her into the icon she is today, so we wanted to highlight that with the hair. She is authentic and each look is some variation of a signature look that she’s had during her career.” -Yusef




To achieve the first look, I first blew the hair dry with the ghd Air Hairdryer ($199). I then straightened the hair with the ghd Platinum Styler ($249) and usedMOP Mixed Greens Leave-In Conditioner ($22)  to add smoothness so when I pulled it into that high ponytail it would be sleek and sexy. Once it was up, I sprayed the hair with MOP C-System Firm Finish Hair Spray ($24) and went over it the ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand ($199) to add a bit of wave and extra volume to it, and also to seal the hair and reduce flyaways. To finish, we sprayed MOP C-System Firm Finish Hair Spray ($24) again to give the hair extra hold and luster.”




“For the last look, I re-wet her hair and blew it dry again using the ghd Air Hairdryer ($199), brushing it back from her face with the ghd Natural Bristle Radial Brush ($56). Once it was dry, I applied MOP Mixed Greens Leave-In Conditioner($22) to smooth the edges and add softness. Then I used the ghd Platinum Styler ($249) to lock in shine and make it even straighter and smoother. After that, I tamed flyaways and tucked the hair behind the ears with MOP Orange Peel Molding Cream ($22). To finish the look and hold it in place, I used bobby pins before adding MOP C-System Firm Finish Hair Spray ($24) to make the finished look a bit more glossy.”