The river calls to you. This passion you have is centered around water.
A gentle stream reflects the dappled sunlight and the burbling sounds that emanates from the slow speed off the water as the stream snakes it’s way through the countryside.
That perfect spot that you makes you return year after year is just four miles off the two-lane highway. Take a slight left at the old oak tree with the split trunk.
You head west and use the mountain peak as your sight marker.
That mountain range has witnessed a lot, days where you caught nothing. And days that you will never forget fly fishing as it silently watched over you.
The uneven ground has not changed much, yet you are ensconced in the beautiful environment that is hand-made to your exact specifications. Just like your rod & reel.
You are almost there. Start looking for the large rock that has blue in it and then your sight line is exactly 57 yards from that spot.
The passion is fly fishing. And now there is a new conveyance for the affluent angler to reach that favorite fishing spot in utter opulence.

The Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner. The new benchmark for the outdoorsman with a taste of the finest things available.

The fastest and most powerful Sport Utility Vehicle on the planet, the 600hp Bentley Bentayga is now available in a special edition from Bentley’s exclusive in-house coach builder, Mulliner, that now offers the perfect way to reach that favorite river miles away, very quickly.

Up to four fly fishing rods are stored in special Saddle leather-trimmed tubes with linen cross stitching.
Joining the rods are a pair of landing nets in matching leather bags, which are stored in a bespoke (custom), carpet trimmed hard pocket.


Mulliner has also added three saddle leather-trimmed cases to Bentayga’s rear boot.

The largest is the master tackle station, which features Burr Walnut veneered drawers and a selection of tackle.
A waterproof wader stowage trunk can be used to store your wet fishing waders because we wouldn’t want to mess up the interior now would we?
A refreshment case houses up to three metal flasks and a set of Mulliner fine-china tableware. Grey Poupon anyone?
To the angler there is nothing like a nice lunch next to the river watching the clouds roll by and the sounds of the water just feet away.

An electronic dehumidifier is onboard to ensure the cabin stays fresh and dry and it removes any unwanted malodorous scents from the Bentyaga’s interior.


Mulliner “Welcome Lights” are housed in the underside of the doors.  These are essentially puddle lights that illuminate water you wouldn’t want to mess up your Corthay shoes!
When the doors are opened, the lights project Bentley and Mulliner logos onto the ground.
Bentley states one can request any personal logo or graphic that can be individually specified on a customer’s Bentayga through the Mulliner personalization program.
Powered by a hand-built 6.0-liter W12 engine that allows a top speed of 187mph, the Bentyaga ensures a luxurious experience for any angler with plenty of power to get to that favorite spot in absolute record time.
Complete personalization for this fly-fishing package is available for an additional starting price of $105,300.
See your Bentley dealer for details to enhance your fly fishing experience.



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