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Spring 2016 Nail Trends To Try Now!

Spring 2016 Nail Trends To Try Now!

I popped into hot new nail salon Dripped Nails, where they focus only on natural nails and minimalist nail art, to chat with co-owner Christina Tran about what nails to rock for Spring 2016!  The past few years I personally have noticed a lot of over the top, 3D nail art that looks cool but impossible for functioning in daily life…hello typing on a computer here! Thankfully both Christina and I can agree that we are noticing a shift to the minimal and natural nail this spring.


“What we realize a lot of people like are pastel colors. Anything that is a periwinkle, light pink, blush pinks, nudes. What I see going to be a big nail trend is the French manicure, but of course not your basic French manicure with your white tips, but one with different variations that make it a little bit more modern”


Base: OPI “Be There In a Prosecco” Tip: C&D Shellac “Rose Bud” Artist- Christina





“Another nail trend that we also see is glitter which is always popular, but a more subtle glitter. Not a full on glitter nail, but more like ombre tip glitters or more towards the cuticle line, things like that”.




“Foils are always popular and so are metallics. Metallics are coming in. A lot of people are liking the blue metallics and stuff like that. I think for 2016 spring, the nail art trends are more minimal, something that you can wear every day for work and you could still go out and have a good manicure, and fun look too”.




“For the nail trends, we like to focus more on natural nails and I think that’s more popular too. The acrylics are always good. They put shapes, the coffin, and stiletto nails etc, but I think people are also more in-tune and more accepting of natural nails because they are more into the health of their nails and the longevity of how shellac stays. Spring 2016, I would have to say, is more a natural focus”.





“The brands are always popular. It’s going to be OPI to have great colors and great names, so they’re always fun to play with. I think a lot of people are getting more familiar with the infinite shine than the Vinylux, the CND Vinylux which is basically going to be a hybrid between a regular polish and a gel polish.

With that saying, you don’t have to cure in a UV light per se, but the top coat cures for natural lighting. The longer that you wear it, the more durability it has and you also don’t have to take it off by wrapping it with acetone and stuff like that. People are more prone to that because they feel like acetone dries out your nails sometimes if you wrap it, and it’s a hassle if you change your polish a lot. I think the Vinylux and infinite, those hybrid nail polishes are going to be very popular”.