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Beauty and Body Talk with Model Nik Stewart

Beauty and Body Talk with Model Nik Stewart

You may recognize NYC model Nik Stewart in ad campaigns for Nike, Khol’s, Fila and magazine spreads in Esscence and more. The Soul Artist Management represented beauty talked to us about how she gets ready for a big shoot, her go to skin & hair routines and what on her wish list this year!

LP: You’re in great shape! What’s your favorite workout barre, yoga, weights? What do I have to do to look like you!?

NIK: I love to work out at home as I am always traveling for work and a gym is not always available. I do intense cardio routines that use body weight and combination moves for a full body workout. When I actually do get to the gym, my workouts are low weights with high reps for strength and body definition. I also enjoy playing flag football, kick boxing and yoga for core, flexibility, and stamina.

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LP: How do you prepare for a shoot?

Days before a shoot, my diet is extra clean and I do my intense cardio workout home routine every morning/evening whilst listening to uplifting and money making tracks by Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and a few reggae and soca mixes. I do my facial, moisturize and hydrate the day before and get an early night’s rest.

LP: Describe your ultimate day off from work, what are you doing?

My ultimate day off is sitting at home watching a movie with a box of pizza and a ginger beer.

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LP: NICE! What’s on your “Holiday Wish List” this year?

NIK:My holiday wish list every year, if its Gods will, is to make it back home to spend it with family and friends…in the warmest of weathers.

LP: Your skin and hair care routine. Basically your favorite products and any tips you have on keeping your skin looking fresh. 

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Face:                           Cetaphil moisturizer (with sunscreen), Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial cleanser white tea & vitamin e        and my own face mask made of ground coffee. I wear an eye compression ice mask usually after every facial.

Body:                          Bio Oil (eye makeup remover and on body mainly to aid even skin tone)

Splurge product:       Clarins Eye Contour Gel

Hair:                           Non-sulphur shampoos or sometimes just conditioner. I love using Shea Moisture products. *Every other week I deep condition (using a homemade aloe vera, avocado, banana, coconut oil, egg, and mayonnaise blend. This aids my overall hair health).*

Coming from the Cayman Islands, coconut oil is an essential ingredient that I grew up with. As a child I learned from my grandparents how to make coconut milk and coconut oil, as this is what they did for a living. Beauty treatments like mixing it with baking soda for teeth whitening or solo as a frizz tamer are still a part of my daily routine. Log on to my blog My F-in Life at www.myf-inlife.com for more of my beauty and fitness regiments.

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