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Shattered Glass Nails: Don’t Get Cut!

Shattered Glass Nails: Don’t Get Cut!

OK, so the only thing you might suffer is a paper cut, which isn’t much sacrifice to be rocking the coolest nails on the block.

South Korean manicurist, Eun Kyung Park has been the talk of social media and the beauty world with her nail candy creation: the shattered glass nail. She achieved this glass effect five months ago by cutting up pieces of cellophane candy wrappers and setting them with nail polish to create the glass look. When the candy wrappers proved too thick of a material Park hunted around until she found rainbow film, a thinner film manufactured in Korea, to create the elegant glass look.

Park’s Instagram feed for her salon Unistella (pictured below) has an abundance of nail deco inspiration so if the shattered glass intense your thing there’s a lot of creative options to choose from for your next mani-pedi appointment.

Check out the trend for yourself.. are you dying like we are for them?




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