Subscription Addiction, Meet Watch Gang

Subscription Addiction, Meet Watch Gang

“Watch” out all you timepiece aficionados,  Watch Gang is about to be your new #BFF.  

It’s rare to come across original ideas, these guys have taken a widely used concept of membership based brand delivery to new elevated heights.  Creating their own originality within a proven model of success. Modern and convenient, this is the way luxury accessory shopping should be.

Are you a minimalist?  There is a watch for you.  Dressy or Sport, Watch Game has thought of that too.  This monthly tiered membership is reaping awesome reviews and we know why, from fashion to luxury,  Watch Gang has taken great care to curate some of the most current micro and luxury brands.

Devotees have even begun to create their own Facebook group to exchange watches among other members.  A concept of social commerce and social connection, now that’s an experience we can wrap our arms around.  As seen on ABC, NBC, The Huffington Post and MSN,

By: Coleen Janeway

Founder of SkinFoodBodyLove

coleen janeway